Eyelash Hair Transplantation
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Full, Natural & Permanent Eyelashes

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 So what are the options:


Positives: Falsies do make the eyelashes look full. Falsies are also cheap and readily available.

Negatives: Falsies do not look natural. Also some sort of glue is needed to keep the falsies in place. If this glue is not maintained, the falsies will come off. This event can be quite embarrassing, especially if occurring amidst certain situations. Due to the nature of this glue, one’s own natural eyelashes can be pulled off as well when one pulls off these falsies. As an eyelid surgeon, I have seen the disastrous effects of glue causing great loss of natural eyelashes to the point of causing a form of ‘baldness’ to the eyelids. Sometimes these eyelashes don't grow back.

Cost: Ranges from $5 to $30 per set. If used regularly, falsies can cost upwards of $500 to $1,000/year.


Positives: Extensions do look full and natural. 

Negatives: Extensions are not permanent and they do need to be maintained. Also, there have been reported demodex infections from extension placement at some salons due to poor sterilization of instruments.  In addition, extensions also weigh down on the natural eyelashes and this can cause damage or loss to the natural eyelashes. From the perspective of an eyelid surgeon, for both falsies and extensions, it is difficult to clean the eyelids adequately due to concerns of removing the falsies and extensions. As an oculoplastic surgeon, I know the importance of having clean and healthy eyelids. Eyelids that are not properly cleaned are at risk for swelling, redness, styes, pain, lash loss and/or infections.

Cost: If maintained, eyelash extensions can cost around $250/month, which is around $3,000/year each year.


Positives: Latisse does cause eyelashes to grow longer and therefore look fuller. 

Negatives: Latisse must be used consistently for its effects. More importantly, Latisse also carries with it the risk of permanently discoloring the skin around the eyes or eye iris color and it can make the eyeballs appear redder. The other types of eyelash growth serums are very similar to Latisse in these side effects.

Cost: Around $120/month, which is around $1,500/year each year.


Positives: Full, natural & permanent eyelashes to both eyes with a single eyelash transplantation procedure. 

Negatives: This is not a common procedure performed by most surgeons. Dr. Husain has cultivated and refined her method of performing this surgery so that the results are natural with minimal downtime and maintenance. This is a one-time, in-office procedure. Eyelashes may still need to be maintained very basically with an eyelash curler and trimmer.  There is a possibility that in some cases the transplantation will not take. This is why Dr. Husain fully evaluates each patient to ensure that they are a good candidate. Because this procedure is the result of years of training and refining her technique, Dr. Husain’s unique method of eyelash transplantation is her very own and is called Exquisite Eyelash.

Cost: One-time fee of around $6,500 for both eyes. Repeat procedures or touch-ups are not necessary but are a possibility.

"Your eyelashes will write on my heart the poem that could never come from the pen of a poet" - Rumi