Eyebrow Transplantation


The Procedure, Recovery, And Risks

Eyebrow transplantation is a relatively new procedure that has grown in popularity. Performed by an oculoplastic surgeon, it is used to restore eyebrows. This article will discuss the process, recovery, and risks involved. If you are interested in this, visit us at Ocula Plastics for more information.

What Goes into Eyebrow Transplantation?

The first step is to consult a professional eye surgeon, like Dr. Amina Husain in Chicago, IL, to discuss the best way to achieve your desired look and results. The actual transplant takes about two to three hours. First, the surgeon will remove hair follicles from a donor site. This procedure is usually done from the back of the head, where hair is most plentiful. Next, the surgeon will create tiny incisions in your eyebrow area and implant the follicles into these incisions. This procedure is very precise and delicate. After the transplantation is complete, you will be given instructions on how to care for your eyebrows during the recovery period of about 1 week.

Eyebrow Transplantation Recovery

The recovery process is relatively simple. You must clean and apply ointment to the eyebrows for about 1 week. Avoid rubbing or scratching your eyebrows during recovery, as this could damage the transplanted follicles. Most people see total growth of their transplanted eyebrows within six to twelve months. However, some hairs may fall out initially. This is not a cause for concern, as the hair usually grows back within a few months.

Risks of Eyebrow Transplantation

Although the risks of eyebrow transplantation are rare, they exist. The most common complication is infection. Others include mild bleeding, scarring, allergic reactions, or numbness. As with any surgery, there is always a risk of complications. Discuss all potential risks with your eye surgeon before plastic surgery. They will answer questions and help put your mind at ease. In addition, choosing a board-certified eye surgeon, such as Dr. Amina Husain in Chicago, IL, will help minimize the risks associated with surgery.

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Eyebrow transplantation results in long-term hair growth to the eyebrow area. The procedure is safe and has low risk of complications. Recovery is relatively easy, with most people returning to normal activities within a week. Consult with our oculoplastic surgeon from Ocula Plastics. Contact us today.