What Is It?

Oculoplastic surgery is a type of surgery that focuses on the area around the eye.  An oculoplastic surgeon performs surgeries on the eyelid and the ocular area to restore natural beauty. Dr. Amina Husain and the team at Ocula Plastics in Chicago, IL, are here to help you with your oculoplastic surgical needs. Oculoplastic surgery is often done to repair the eyelid area and improve its appearance. This surgery can remove unsightly growths or excess skin around the eyes. If the eyelid, eyebrow, or skin around the eye socket is drooping, this procedure can be a great way to fix that. Eye plastic surgery can also repair the area after an injury.

What Should I Expect with Oculoplastic Surgery?

Before your surgery, you’ll meet with your eye surgeon and discuss what to expect. They will give instructions in the weeks before your surgery. Take these instructions seriously. In addition, you may need to stop taking medications or visit your health care provider. You’ll need someone to drive you home on the day of your surgery. You’ll likely receive some type of local anesthesia, depending on your procedure. It is an outpatient procedure where you won't need to stay overnight in the hospital. After your surgery, expect a recovery period. The time it takes to recover depends on different factors, but you should expect minimal discomfort as you recover. 

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An eye surgeon can improve the appearance and function of your eyes. Even something like an eyelid procedure can enhance your self-esteem immensely. Dr. Amina Husain and Ocula Plastics in Chicago, IL, can provide the procedures you need to live your life to the fullest. So if you’re considering eye plastic surgery, contact us today make an appointment with our office to learn more about it!