Eyelash HairTransplantation
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Full, Natural & Permanent Eyelashes



Eyebrow Hair Transplantation 
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Full, Natural & Permanent Eyebrows

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-How long does the procedure for Exquisite Eyelash/Exquisite Eyebrow take?

The procedure takes around 2-3 hours to perform in the office.

-Where does Exquisite Eyelash/Exquisite Eyebrow happen?

We perform this procedure in the doctor’s office in a minor procedure room.

-Is Exquisite Eyelash/Exquisite Eyebrow painful?

We go to great lengths to ensure that the whole procedure is very comfortable. We strive to make the procedure as painless as possible by administering numbing and relaxing medications. There may be minimal pain from the numbing injections but this is very short lived. Most patients do not need anything more to be comfortable during the whole procedure.

-What is the healing process like?

The healing occurs mostly in the first 1-2 weeks. During this time, the eyelids/eyebrows are slightly red and swollen. Sunglasses can easily hide this as well as makeup. Topical ointment will be provided to help facilitate and expedite the healing process.

-How is Exquisite Eyelash/Exquisite Eyebrow permanent?

Exquisite Eyelash/Exquisite Eyebrow transplantation is permanent because the hair follicles from the body that are transplanted to the eyelids/eyebrows will continue to grow hair like the rest of your eyelashes/eyebrows. Just like your eyelashes/eyebrows fall off and then regrow, the same occurs with your new transplanted eyelashes/eyebrows.

-Am I a candidate for Exquisite Eyelash/Exquisite Eyebrow?

We will have to examine you to determine if you are a candidate. If you have any medical problems, this could interfere with the procedure. Dr. Husain will assess to see if you are a good candidate.

-Has Exquisite Eyelash/Exquisite Eyebrow been done before?

The process of eyelash/eyebrow transplantation has been around for decades. However, not every surgeon can perform an eyelash/eyebrow transplantation well because of the very delicate nature of the procedure. With Dr. Husain’s unique oculoplastic surgical background, she tailor fits this procedure to each patient.

-Where do you get the hairs from for Exquisite Eyelash/Exquisite Eyebrow?

It varies from patient to patient. Your natural hairs are harvested from certain areas on the body and are then transplanted to the eyelids/eyebrows.

-How many hair follicles are transplanted to each eyelid?

It varies from patient to patient, but around 35-60 hair follicles are transplanted to each eyelid.

-How many hair follicles are transplanted to each eyebrow?

It varies from patient to patient, but around 50-100 hair follicles are transplanted to each eyebrow.

-What is the maintenance after the procedure?

Exquisite Eyelash/Exquisite Eyebrow is permanent and these hairs may need to be trimmed just like one trims eyebrow hairs. The nice thing is that you can control how long you would like your eyelashes/eyebrows to be. A maintenance kit will be provided to each patient.

-How much is a consultation?

One consultation visit is free.


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