Plasma Pen Procedure at Ocula Plastics in Chicago, IL


The Plasma Pen is the latest noninvasive cosmetic procedure intended to treat wrinkles and collagen loss and tighten the skin. As you age, the dermal skin layer becomes thinner, thus producing less collagen, which causes skin to lose elasticity. That’s when the Plasma Pen procedure comes in to treat various skin conditions, including sagging and wrinkling. Dr. Amina Husain, our oculoplastic surgeon at Ocula Plastics, offers this and other eye plastic surgery options to patients in the Chicagoland area.

What Is a Plasma Pen?

The Plasma Pen is an innovative, non-invasive, skin-tightening, skin-lifting, and regenerative procedure. It’s a device that has received FDA and CE approval as a safe method of addressing wrinkled, sagging, and dull skin.

How Does Plasma Pen Work?

Our highly skilled eye surgeon uses the Plasma Pen to perform this fibroblast enhancing procedure. It works by converting electrical energy into molecular nitrogen and transmits the energized gas to the skin’s surface in a non-contact way. The gas causes a micro-trauma on the epidermis and at the same time thermally heats the deeper dermal layer to trigger natural collagen production. 

What Does the Plasma Pen Treat?

When done by a qualified eye surgeon, fibro-blasting is perfect for the ocular area, including:

  • Sagging skin around the eyes
  • Scar marks 
  • Eyes puffiness, drooping “bags”, or hooded lids
  • Milia, which are dead cells under the epidermis and appear as white bumps
  • Spider veins, which are twisted blood vessels usually seen through the skin
  • Wrinkles and fine lines, including laugh lines, crow’s feet, furrows, creased brows, and more.

In addition to skin tightening and anti-aging procedures, the Plasma Pen can also be used as an alternative to simple surgery, such as brow lifts and eye lifts. 

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

With a Plasma Pen, the procedure typically takes less than an hour, and the results will be visible almost immediately with growing improvements showing over the following months. More than 1 session may be required to achieve the desired results. With proper care, results can last years. 

Contact Our Eye Surgeon at Ocula Plastics in Chicago, IL, for Effective Oculoplastic Surgery 

Do you feel that you need the Plasma Pen treatment? Ocula Plastics in Chicago, IL, is proud to offer quality aesthetic eye treatments, including medical-grade chemical peels and the Plasma Pen, among others. Dr. Amina Husain, our eye surgeon, uses advanced technology and skill to achieve the best quality results in each procedure. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to determine if you are a  suitable candidate.