Eyelash Hair Transplantation

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Full, Natural & Permanent Eyelashes


Eyebrow Hair Transplantation

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Full, Natural & Permanent Eyebrows




Brightening and Rejuvenation 


Plasma Pen and Chemical Peel
Eyelid Tightening Without Surgery




Eyelash Lift and Eyebrow Lamination 


Dramatic Lashes and Brows Without Makeup 


Botox, Fillers and Platelet Rich Plasma


Ocular and Facial Rejuvenation 


Revolutionary Therapeutics


Dry Eye Relief


Revolutionary Therapeutic 


Chalazions/ Styes Relief  


Pristine Ocular Skin


Eye Lid Dark Circles, Puffiness and Wrinkles 


Prescription Strength Therapeutics


Pristine Ocular Skin

Welcome to Ocula Plastics 

Eye Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL

Changes in our life can alter the way we look. Dr. Amina Husain, a board-certified eye surgeon and oculoplastic surgeon is a specialist in treatments for eyes and eyelids to restore natural beauty and confidence.  Find out more about treatments available at Ocula Plastics.

Exquisite Eyelash

Eyelash transplantation is one of the most sought-after treatments in the beauty industry. Our eye surgeon, Dr. Amina Husain used her wealth of knowledge to develop a one-of-a-kind procedure called Exquisite Eyelash. While many eye doctors do not have the expertise to perform eyelash transplantation, at Ocula Plastics we are the experts in this one-time outpatient procedure that is very low-maintenance and offers patients beautiful, natural and long-lasting results!

Exquisite Eyebrow

Eyebrow transplantation is a delicate procedure that can give you fuller eyebrows. Dr. Husain's eyebrow transplantation process is called Exquisite Eyebrow and it provides permanent and natural results. Like her pioneering Exquisite Eyelash procedure, you can have this procedure done once in-office with minimal recovery time.

Plasma Pen

The Plasma Pen is a new technology that allows the doctor to treat the blood vessels and skin simultaneously. It emits low-energy micro-currents into the skin, stimulating the cells to produce collagen and elastin responsible for skin elasticity, thickness, and tone. This treatment is used to treat wrinkles, loose skin, and sagging.

Chemical Peel

PRX-T33 is a noninvasive, no-needle solution for skin beautification. It is a revolutionary type of peel applied to the skin. It combines high-frequency radio and vacuum pressure to remove the top layer of dead skin, leaving the skin looking smoother, more precise, and fresher. This quick in-office procedure has virtually no down-time and can be performed all year long.

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    Dr. Amina Husain, MD

    Dr. Amina Husain attained her medical degree in Ohio at NEOMED-- a 6-year accelerated BS/MD program out of high school. She was salutatorian of her high school class of more than 600 students. After attaining her medical degree, she completed her residency in ophthalmology at UTMB in Texas. After becoming an eye surgeon, she then went on to Duke University to complete a fellowship in Oculoplastic (plastic surgery around the eyes) and Reconstructive Surgery/Laser and Endoscopic Facial Aesthetic Surgery and a second fellowship in Refractive Surgery both at Duke University Medical Center.

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